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How does a car go from prototype to production? Holden VFII Commodore engineering interviews

While most of the questions we receive are related to recommending new cars, there’s an element of new car buying that many people don’t know about. CarAdvice reader Stefan wanted to know how manufacturers take cars from the prototype stage through to production. The release of the Holden VFII Commodore lead us to ask the question of […]

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2017 Mercedes-Benz C-class Cabriolet: Available in C300, C43 AMG Potencies

Mercedes-Benz has long enjoyed a healthy reputation for quality, comfort, and solidity, but it is once again making cars that are beautiful, too. The latest in the company’s string of handsome designs is the all-new C-class cabriolet, which may be among the most attractive vehicles on the star-studded floor at the 2016 Geneva show, where […]

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2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet revealed

The all-new Mercedes-Benz C-Class cabriolet — and its Mercedes-AMG C43 cabrio derivative — made world premieres this week, ahead of an Australian arrival at the end of 2016, in time for next summer. Mercedes-Benz’s new entry level four-seater convertible, which sits below the E-Class cabriolet in the pantheon, retains the clean lines of the new […]

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Audi S8 Talladega R by MTM

In the midst of all the anniversaries and celebrations automakers have lined up for this year, it’s easy to forget that one model is actually celebrating an anniversary of its own in 2016. Audi has yet to make a big fuss about it, so let me do the honors. The Audi S8 is turning 20 years old this year. Yes, it was first introduced in 1996 as Audi’s answer to the growing popularity of performance-oriented luxury models in the late 1990s. Since then, the S8 has held that mantle proudly and to commemorate it being a year away from legal drinking age, German tuner MTM is bringing an updated version of its Talladega program for the S8 at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

The car is officially called the S8 Talladega R, which is pretty much a souped-up version of the Talladega S that the aftermarket company introduced exactly a year ago at the 2015 staging of the biggest auto show in the world. Whether MTM intended the Talladega R to be a celebratory program is unclear, but what I do know is that it’s faster and more powerful than last year’s version. It’s also a little more provocative to look at, thanks in part to that camouflage wrap that MTM thought would look good on the S8.

Overall, it’s not the nicest S8 to look at, but where it felt a little overboard in one aspect, it more than made up for in another. With that kind of power, I don’t think the S8 Talladega R is the kind of car you’d want to see in your rearview mirror.

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