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Could You Be a Ferrari Engineer? Take Their Secret Interview Quiz and Find Out

Hankering for a change of venue? Hungry for a diet of fine Italian cuisine? Like to work for one of the world’s most prestigious carmakers? You’re in luck because Ferrari is recruiting. But before throwing your graduation cap into this big-time ring, bone up with this quiz, which we understand is given to prospective hires […]

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appbmwBMW Connected DriveBMW Connected North AmericaFeaturedmobile

BMW Connected Drive North America App Debuts, Wants to Assist You

At the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in January, BMW offered peeks at its idea of a fully connected future, one which revolves around the so-called “Internet of Things.” The Internet of Things is the notion that connected devices, homes, cars, and appliances can all talk to one another, leading to new dimensions of automation and […]

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New bike laws proposed:: cyclists to earn demerit points, risk having bikes crushed

In an unprecedented step towards creating a safer road network, the Australian Federal Government is seeking to introduce new penalties that will see cyclists earn demerit points against their motor vehicle driving licences, and risk having their bikes impounded or even crushed. Under the proposal, offences such as speeding, running red lights, and intentional loss of traction will […]

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Ford Issues Recalls Affecting Explorer, Transit, F-650/F-750, and Lincoln MKC

Ford announced a trio of recalls today for issues affecting the Lincoln MKC, the Explorer, the Transit van, and the F-650 and F-750 trucks. Faulty engine-block heaters are the problem for the Explorer and the MKC. When the vehicle is parked and the heater is plugged in, the unit can overheat, possibly causing an engine […]

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Autonomousautonomous carautonomous carsautonomous racingFeaturedFormula EmobileRoboRaceself-driving

This Is the Design for Roborace’s Self-Driving Race Car

We first learned about Formula E’s plan to launch an autonomous racing series a few months ago. At the time, not much was known about the plan, but as ludicrous as racing cars that drive themselves might sound, the organizers insisted they were serious. They even went so far as to hire a man named Daniel […]

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4WD4x4Car NewsexclusiveFordFord RangerFord Ranger RaptorFord Ranger Raptor Plug-In Hybridspy photos

2017 Ford Ranger Raptor Hybrid spied: Ranger to enter US market with plug-in hybrid pick-up truck

CarAdvice has obtained exclusive spy photographs of Ford Australia testing a hybrid version of its Ford Ranger utility, destined for the US market. Our previous exclusive spy photographs of the Ford Ranger Raptor (pictured below) show an off-road skewed version of the Ranger. What we didn’t realise at the time was that the vehicle pictured […]

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bmwBMW M4car tuningsports cars

BMW M4 by Mcchip-DKR

When BMW released the M4 back in 2014, it officially became the poster car for fans of the company’s M division. Two years later and the M4 has proven worthy of carrying that mantle for BMW. But let’s face it, a good car shouldn’t settle for good. Likewise, a better car shouldn’t stop there either, if it can be the best. Part of that responsibility lies with aftermarket tuners who make their bread by giving cars like the M4 the upgrades it needs to further stand out from the crowd.

We’ve seen some fancy and powerful kits for the M4 and the latest one figures to be no different. This one comes by way of Mcchip-DKR, the same tuning company that has been responsible for past programs for the Mercedes C63 AMG, Audi R8, and Porsche Panamera. Suffice to say, Mcchip knows its way around German performance cars, a category that the M4 surely belongs to.

For this program, Mcchip focused exclusively on the M4’s 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine and gave it a noticeable performance improvement. That’s the long and short of it, which tells you where the tuner’s attention really was. In the end, the M4 got what it needed as it’s now faster and more powerful than any of its standard counterparts.

The question is: does this kit stack up against what other tuners have done for the M4?

Continue after the jump to read the full review.

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1.0 literautomatic transmissionEcoBoostFeaturedfocusFordmobilethree-cylinder

Previously Manual-Only Ford Focus 1.0L EcoBoost Now Available with Automatic

As much as we like the idea of a car that’s only available with a manual transmission, it’s not exactly a solid sales strategy in the U.S. So it’s probably smart of Ford to add an automatic-transmission option to the 1.0-liter three-cylinder-equipped Ford Focus for 2016. Previously available with only a six-speed manual transmission, this […]

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car crashLamborghinilamborghini murcielagoSupercars / Exotic cars

Mechanic Dies After Crashing Russian MMA fighter's Lamborghini

It’s one thing to own or drive a vehicle like the Lamborghini Murcielago, and it’s another to push yourself and the car beyond the limit. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened recently when two men were transporting Russian MMA fighter Adam Yandiev’s Murcielago to a repair shop.

The driver, who was a Mechanic at a workshop in Moscow, was killed instantly. The passenger, who was found to be breathing but unconscious at the scene was transported to a hospital where, as of the time of this writing, he was alive but still in a coma. As you can see from the image, the car had to have been travelling at a high rate of speed at the time of impact, as the car was almost cut in half by the lamp pole.

We were able to find a video from the scene that was recorded from a GoPro camera on a motorcycle rider’s helmet. In the video description, the poster claims that an iron base column was bounced more than 90 feet away from the vehicle in the event of the collision. When the rider arrives at the scene, debris is seen pretty far away from the car itself.

Note: If you’re going to watch the video, be aware that it is quite graphic, as both passengers are still in the vehicle during the recording, and emergency personnel had yet to arrive. If you have a weak stomach or have children around, you might want to skip watching this one.

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