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Citroen design chief says retro cars are “not really our taste”

Fans of the Citroen 2CV and DS rejoice, or commiserate – depending on where you stand – as the brand’s design chief says the French car maker will not ‘do’ a new Fiat 500, Mini or Volkswagen Beetle and build a retro model based on a recognised classic. Speaking to Australian media at a recent […]

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Cadillac launches ATS-V, CTS-V Crystal White Frost editions

Filed under: Cadillac, Coupe, Sedan, Luxury, PerformanceCadillac is offering special Crystal White Frost editions of the ATS-V coupe and sedan and CTS-V sedan, with unique trim treatments including a special matte white paint.Continue reading Cadillac …

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Popcorn Garage Tests Your Movie Knowledge

Popcorn Garage, eh? I clicked through to the movie-trivia site to check it out, and the first thing I saw was a very familiar modified DeLorean DMC-12.

And then it was an hour later.

This mysterious website, the brainchild of Paris-based artist and graphic designer Priska and art director Romain Zitouni, is a movie buff and puzzle-hunter’s delight. The seemingly innocuous garage scene is stuffed with movie references. There are 66 of them in all, and the game is of course to identify them by name. The Popcorn Garage will sign you in via Facebook or other social media, and keeps track of your score. There’s no time limit, but if you make three wrong guesses, the garage lights flicker and go out, and you’ve got to start all over again. In the tradition of free web-games, it’s absolutely addictive. The movies referenced are a blend of popular blockbusters and cult classics from the past fifty years. It requires a sharp eye, attention to detail, and a reasonably good memory for the movies you’ve seen. In short, yes, it’s going to suck away an hour or so of your work day. In spite of the garage setting and Route 66 reference, this game’s for everyone.

Continue reading for the full story.

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XCAR Reviews The 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4: Video

With cars like the Porsche 911 GT3, 911 Turbo S and the Carrera GT, fans of the Cayman have felt rather neglected without a performance-based variant of the Cayman in Porche’s lineup. All of that changed with the release of the Porsche Cayman GT4. To make the GT4 what it is, Porsche used components from the 911 GT3 to make what is arguably the best Cayman to date.

In a recent video review, XCAR compared the new GT4 to the 911 GT3, and it appears they were quite happy with the GT4. Things like sport mode and the ability to dampen the noise created by the engine all make the GT4 worthy of track- and on-road performance. The GT4 uses a 3.8-liter powerplant like the 911 GT3, but it only produces 385 horsepower compared to the 911’s 475 horsepower. The GT4 hits 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds – almost a second slower than the GT3. On paper, it undoubtedly looks like the 911 is a clear winner between the two, but it’s the little things the new GT4 offers that give it an edge. Check out the video to see the full review – you’ll be happy you did.

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Kia Niro compact SUV spied in Austria

A disguised Kia Niro compact SUV prototype has been spotted undergoing testing at the Grossglockner mountain pass in Austria ahead of its predicted debut at the 2016 Geneva motor show. The sub-Sportage SUV model was spotted testing its cooling and brakes on the high mountain road, hence why in some of these images the Niro […]

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Holden Colorado LS-X brings extra features

The limited edition 2015 Holden Colorado LS-X builds upon the more basic LS 4×4 dual-cab pick-up with extra kit, but for only a small premium. The Colorado LS-X model gains a range of extras over the LS, consisting of 16-inch alloy wheels, an alloy sports bar, front fog-lights, a “Colorado” branded bonnet protector (smoked finish), […]

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This Is How You Drive A Tractor: Video

Tractors, by traditional standards, are slow and lumbering. They’re not meant to be raced, hooned, or used in drifting. But this commercial from German supermarket chain Edeka throws everything we’ve come to know about tractors out the window. Not only can this 420-horsepower tractor do all of its supposed functions, it can also do all sorts of things that are outside its wheelhouse.

It can spit flames from its exhaust. It can run an obstacle course, Gymkhana-style. It can do burnouts like a true boss. Heck, it can even stop on a dime to let a wandering little animal cross the road. Oh, and it can also perform a hot rod-style wheelie and crash through a barn door with the ferocity of an action hero. Evidently, there’s nothing this tractor can’t do as it makes a delivery of fresh apples to one of the Edeka supermarkets in Germany.

I think this tractor has another purpose in life. It can either star in the next Gymkhana video or appear in Expendables 4. Either way, I’d pay good money to see it get driven to its maximum potential. Clearly, this commercial doesn’t do its abilities enough justice.

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Strange Pagani Huayra Prototype Caught Testing: Video

The Pagani Huayra has been around since 2011 and while it has received numerous variations in the past, it’s never really had a big transformation. By and large, the Huayra has remained the same, at least until recently when YouTube user PurePerformance was able to capture of video a camouflaged Huayra sporting some pretty interesting new aerodynamic components.

The video was taken at the San Martino del Lago race track in Cremona, Italy. It’s only 47 seconds long but in that space, we get to see the covered up Huayra with an enormous carbon fiber rear spoiler, an aggressive front splitter, and a massive rear diffuser. Now these things don’t point to anything specifically, but I wholeheartedly believe that this could very well be the long-awaited track version of the mighty Italian exotic. It’s name has varied too depending on who you talked to. Some folks are calling it the Huayra R while others are referring to it as the Huayra S or SE. In 2014, the same Huayra Nurburgring Edition was even mentioned.

Whatever its name is, it’s pretty clear from those added aerodynamic components that this particular Huayra isn’t going to be a regular model. Besides, Pagani has already sold out all 100 units of the “regular” model so it doesn’t make sense for it to be testing a new one of the same ilk. It’s also not the planned Huayra Roadster, at least when you look at that closed cockpit.

So what could this model be? I’m putting my money on that track-focused Huayra we’ve heard so much about but have only gotten glimpses of a few times. It now appears that it’s on its way, even though it’s unclear how far along it is in the testing phase. But it is arriving and that’s great news for Pagani, its loyal fancies, and types like us who generally just love to see supercars like this get some shine.

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Saab 9-3 licensed to Turkey for its new national car

National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) has licensed the Saab 9-3 to Turkey to use as the basis of its new national car project. Fikri Isik, Turkey’s science, industry and technology minister, told TRT, Turkey’s government-backed national television network: “We bought Saab 9-3’s intellectual property rights, but not its name. The brand will be a Turkish […]

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Datsun 240Z Review: Video

The original Datsun 240Z is the sort of car that inspires deep loyalty among its enthusiast owners. The iconic first generation of Nissan’s two-place sports car was first introduced in 1969, and stayed in production for another nine years. The long-nosed coupe bears a passing resemblance to the Jaguar E-Type in its proportions, but established Datsun as a bona fide sports-car producer. The car itself has inspired cadres of fans as dedicated as Mustang, MG or Ferrari aficionados.

California car guy Greg Scott is a 240Z fan who’s gone above and beyond even by enthusiast standards. His 1970 240Z, known as “The Green Hornet,” has been evolving for over 17 years while remaining true to the car’s original specifications and spirit, and the result is a modernized classic that’s capable of holding its own among much newer cars. This video shows The Green Hornet mixing it up with Corvettes and Porsche 911s at Laguna Seca. Though it’s track-ready, Scott’s car is impressive because it’s also street-legal, lacking the temperamental nature of many engines built for the track. The Green Hornet is driven to the track, towing its own spares, tools and fuel. Scott has retained the car’s sound deadening so the car’s comfortable enough for road driving.

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